Job Interview Questions & Answers

Hard Interview Questions

'What are your weaknesses?' 'If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?' These are just a small sample of the most difficult questions you'll be asked in your interview. And while some questions are easier to answer, others may leave you stumbled or silent. So how do you ensure the meeting with your potential employer goes as smoothly as possible? Like any of the other stages of the job hunting process, preparation is crucial. We have collated 3 of the most frequently asked interview questions and answers to help guide you through it.

One of the most common interview questions, interviewers love to start off asking is, 'tell me about yourself...' because 1. they want to know more about you and 2. because they want to see how you react when put on the spot. After all, first impressions do matter. This is your opportunity to take control and impress them by briefly covering your work history and experience, education and interests. Note: Don't share your life story and try and keep it to a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

First, you need to be honest with yourself. As replying with 'I don't have any weaknesses', is the worst answer you could give them. You don't want your potential employer jotting down that you're pretentious or lack self awareness. Instead you should disguise your weakness with one of your strengths. For example 'I often say yes to too many projects and become overwhelmed with my workload but now I've learnt to prioritise what's most important.'

When the interviewer asks you where do you see yourself in five years time, this is your chance to let your ambition shine. You should talk about your ideal kind of job and the proactive steps you're going to take to get there so the interviewer knows you've thought about the future. They're also trying to confirm that this isn't just a time filler for you.

While each job interview is different, you can't predict what the interviewer will ask you but by preparing for the interview, you will lead with confidence.

What unexpected questions have you been asked in your job interview? Share your responses in the comments below.




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