What to Wear to a Job Interview

Job Interview Clothing Tips

Firstly congratulations on securing yourself an interview. Appearance does matter when it comes to making a first impression however the question is, 'what should I wear to a job interview?' We have collated top industry tips to help you decide your interview outfit.

The first thing you should do is research the culture of the company or ask people you know who are in the same industry. Is it a professional office environment where employees wear suits and ties everyday? Or is it a more casual workplace wear t-shirts and jeans are okay?

You should always be smart in an interview, aiming to dress the same dress code as the company or be a little smarter. The statement you can never be too smart does most of the time hold true. If you're going to get it wrong you should be too smart than not smart enough.

You should according to the season. If it's the middle of summer and you've decided to wear a full-length suit to your interview, why not replace it with just a smart, light-coloured shirt? Just make sure your clothes are neatly ironed and pressed as wrinkled clothing says you lack attention to detail. Women, do no wear anything that is too revealing or overdo your makeup. Whilst heavy eyeshadow, eyeliner and bright coloured lipstick may make you feel most confident, it is best to keep it as natural as possible.

Have you ever misjudged a company's culture and worn an unsuitable outfit to a job interview? Let us know by sharing it in the comments below.




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